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by Farès 3.2

mercredi 18 juin 2008

The first day, we visited the Acropolis which is in Athens. Athens was the greatest city of the antique world.

This city contains several temples like the Parthenon which sheltered the statue of Athena.

First we visited the propylées :
The “Propylées” is the monumental entrance of the Athens’ Acropolis.

Then we discovered the temple of Athena Niké.
The temple of Athena Niké is the temple of the victory because in ancient Greek “Niké” means victory.

After we saw the Erechthéion
This monument is divided into three parts : the portico of the mythical source given by Poseidon, the sanctuary of the sacred statue of Athena and the grave of the first mythical kings of Athens which is surrounded by Caryatids.

Then to finish, we stood near the Parthenon.
The Parthenon sheltered the statue of Athena, made of gold and ivory. The Parthenon is also the most known as a pure classical Greek monument.

My friend Salomé and I did a presentation in class on the Acropolis. We could admire this nice historical place so that we learnt in our lesson live and it was very exciting.

Thus, the Acropolis will be my best visit during this travel.

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