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My spring holidays 2008

by Quentin P. 3.2

vendredi 16 mai 2008 par Mme BARBARIN

My holidays

Hello ! Today I d’ like to tell you about my holidays.

On Monday 28 April, I left Puteaux with my rugby club to go to Argeles- sur- Mer in the South of France. Have you ever been to Argeles ? I can tell you it’s a beautiful city with its small port. At night, it’s really romantic with all the lighting.

I took a coach, the journey lasted 11 hours. The bus drove on the Millau Bridge over the river Tarn and we arrived in a camping named ’’ Le Bois Fleuri’’. I was really happy and funny.

But on Tuesday, it was cloudy and rainy so we stayed in the chalet.

On the Wednesday, we took part in a tournament against two teams Elne and Argeles. And we won this tournament.

On Thursday and Friday, it was sunny so I played tennis, football, rugby and I swam in the swimming-pool.

On Saturday, I didn’t want to leave this camping, but I had to back to Puteaux. We arrived in Puteaux at 21h30.

At the end, I cried because this holiday was very funny and I was so happy.

By Quentin

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