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A book review by Fares 3.2

Seras-tu là ?

by Guillaume Musso

mardi 6 mai 2008

Summary of the book

We always ask ourselves the same question : if we were given the possibility to to go back in time, what would we change in our life, what would we choose to erase ?

Elliott achieved success in his professional life.
Now, he is sixty years old ; he lives in San Francisco where he is a well-known surgeon. He has got a girl Angie who illuminates his life. The only problem is that Ilena, the great love of his life, died thirty years before.
One day, by a strange circumstance, he is given the opportunity to go back thirty years in time to meet the young man that he was. In that time, Eliott was then a young passionate doctor, totally committed and full of ambitions.

He met Ilena in San Francisco.
From then on, there is a face to face relation between both Elliot which is soft and intense which explains.....

Guillaume Musso

Born in 1974 in Antibes, Guillaume Musso has wanted to write novels since the age of 10.
At the age of 19, Guillaume Musso went to the United States and stayed several months. He discovered New York. Then he returned to France with several ideas of novels.
After a degree in economics, he worked as a teacher.
In 2004, Guillaume Musso released « ET Après » which was sold at about one million books and translated into roughly 20 languages.
Followed by the immense success of “Sauve moi “, “Seras-tu là ?” And « Parce que je t’aime ».
These successes made him one of the most favourite French authors. These books are translated all over the world, and adapted to the cinema.

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