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My spring holiday

by Julie 1 - 3.2

lundi 5 mai 2008

Today, I’m writing about my holiday !

I stayed in Puteaux but it was very nice because I did a lot of things.
One day with my sister we went to the « Médiathèque » of Puteaux and it was very beautiful and there were a lot of books, DVDs,CDs ...
I saw my friends and we went to La Défense to eat at McDonald’s then, we went to Paris to see the candidates competing for the ’Nouvelle Star’. It was great ! My favourite candidate is Cédric ( he is 34 years old and I like his voice because it’s beautiful )
I was wondering what I wanted to do later and I did not choose because there were so many interesting things.

I went to Astérix with my familly and I did « Tonnerre de Zeus », « Gondurix » etc ... It was very funny !

I did my homework and revised for the Brevet.

One day I saw my family (aunts, cousins, uncles..) it was great because we don’t often see each other and one night I babysitted my niece who is very nice.

But during my holiday I slept a lot because I was very tired.

Well my holiday was very nice !

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