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Blood Red Shoes

by Julie 2 - 3.2

dimanche 4 mai 2008

I’d like to tell you about one of my favorite bands ; Blood Red Shoes.

Blood Red Shoes are a punk band from Brighton in England. Its members are Steven Ansell and Laura-Mary Carter ; they met in 2005 after their previous bands had broken up.

The name Blood Red Shoes was taken from the actress Ginger Rogers, who had to re-do a tap dance scene so many times that her white shoes were covered in blood.

Their main influences are Nirvana and The Pixies. They hate being compared to other two-piece bands like The White Stripes or The Kills.

Blood Red Shoes released their first album, Box Of Secrets on 14 April on V2, but before that they had already released 7 EPs.

Box Of Secrets has already received great reviews from NME and Q which are famous music magazines in the UK.

The album contains 6 new tracks whereas 5 tracks had already been released on the EPs, including « It’s Getting Boring By The Sea », their most famous song. My favorite track is a new one : « Say Something Say Anything » whose lyrics are very sad.

This album is energetic and the tone is angry. It can make you dance or cry at any time. You should buy it.

I’ve chosen to write an article about Blood Red Shoes because they’re currently on European tour, and I’m very happy because I will see them at La Maroquinerie on 8 May and they’re known to be an amazing live band.

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