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A Critical Review by Yannis 3.2

Jacques the Fatalist

samedi 19 avril 2008 par Mme BARBARIN


On February 10th, we went to see the performance of « Jacques the fatalist », adapted from the book written by Denis Diderot.

Story :

It is the story of Jacques a valet and his master who are going to an unknown destination. Jacques is brave, intelligent and generous. He has his own visions of the world and says that everything that happens to us, good or bad, was written up there. According to him, his master seems to be a lazy aristocrat, without energy and who gets mad easily. At the beginning of the novel, Jacques relates his love stories to his master who loves listening to them.

The play :

The performance took place in a small house but there was a large audience. The stage wasn’t big but good enough for the play. Three actors played the roles of Jacques, the master and the hostess.

Jacques seemed to be a wise man but very talkative, playing with his master. The master seemed to be a dissolute man, libertine and haughty. The hostess looked after the two men and she seemed to be the only person with a bit of responsibility. With his romantic stories, we could notice that Jacques knew how to control or at least attract the attention of his master.

Jacques held the carrot and his master, the mule, moved forward to eat it.

The actors

The actors came once to tell us about the play and showed us some scenes like Jacques the Fatalist or the Nephew of Rameau. They did an amazing work on stage. We understood everything they said. Despite some passages a bit rude, they saw to it that it doesn’t shock us. The actors articulated well and we could see that they were at ease with their characters in this period play.
The space on the stage was very well used. We never had the feeling that a corner were empty or was useless.


That play has been very well interpreted by the actors who did their best so that we could not be bored thanks to amazing acting.

For me, the play is worth beeing seen by students that don’t have a clue about theater and reading books like Jacques the fatalist.

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