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Our trip to Verdun

by Hafsa 3.2

lundi 17 mars 2008

In February, our class went to Verdun for 2 days. Verdun is a town where the terrible Battle of Verdun killed more than 400 000 soldiers during World War I.

We visited Fort Douaumont which shows how the soldiers lived. In spite of the humidity and smell, I liked this guided tour a lot. Then, we rose in the roof where we saw artillery. It was the moment that I liked best in spite of bad weather.

We visited the cemetery where thousands of soldiers were buried. I was surprised by the number of dead men around 15 000 identified soldiers. Then we saw the muslim’s square there muslims who fought and died during
the First War World were buried. Then, we saw the ossuary which is a tower. We couldn’t visit the ossuary
because it was closed but we were able to see bones through windows.

We had some free time, and we walked on the streets of Verdun.
Then, we went to the inn. There were two buildings : one for us,the girls, named ’’Sainte Thérèse’’.
We had a room on the first floor with eight beds.
In our room there were Andrea, Jessica, Magalie, Monica, Morgane, Priscilla, Sarah and me.
I loved this night even if it was very short because with the girls in my room we talked and talked about this
and that, we talked about our favorite songs, singers, our dreams ...
Then, we visited the fort of Vaux. In a wagon, it was a guided tour in 3 dimensions. Then we had lunch in a
sports room and we set off to Puteaux.

I liked this journey because it was very good for us to get to know the life of soldiers and the terrible conditions of the war.
I enjoyed it because we could be with our friends to discover details about war, and it was interesting.
It was a cultural trip because now we know exactly how it was .
It wasn’t very good for them because of the conditions of this war : hygiene, food and all were horrible.

Verdun was a good experience !!!!

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