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School Trip to Verdun

by Nathalie 3.2

lundi 17 mars 2008

I went to Verdun with my class for 2 days in February 2008.

During this short trip, we visited many sites with a guide, several World War I museums, forts which have been maintained since the war, cemeteries, an ossuary and Verdun, the city .

First, we visited Verdun. It’s a little town in the Lorraine region.
The first fort which we saw, was the most frightening because in this for, there is kind of circuit with animations on the conditions in the trenches. We were eight in each shuttle. But during all this life-size reconstruction, we were in the dark and I was scared and moreover it was really cold.
After, we visited an Ossuary, it was a little gore because I saw bones displayed behind the window.
We spent the night, in front of a church but my bedroom were really comfortable.
The next day, we walked in a wood like the other woods, quiet, green and a little white. After I learnt that this wood was the site of a village destroyed during the war between France and Germany for this piece of land.I was relly suprised. I thought they keep this ground bare to show that war is nothing but destruction.

In the end, when we saw the cemetery, with all these white crosses, I was a little moved because, all these soldiers died for us to live in a free France.

Finally, I was really happy to be with my friends, for 2 days. That is why, I keep such a good memory of it.
It was really interesting but too short and too cold.

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