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Africa Cup of Nations Final February 10 2008

by Yves Antoine 3.2

lundi 17 mars 2008

Egypt won their sixth title against Cameroon in Accra, Ghana.

On February 10 2008 there was Africa Cup of Nations finals. It was Cameroon against Egypt. The final took place in Ghana at Accra’s Ohene Djan Stadium.

The Indomitable Lions were very strong but they had lost a match against Egypt(4-2) whereas Egypt had lost no match. The final was at 18:30 after a match of rugby.

At the beginning of this match, there were no goals but a lot of strikes by the Egyptian team. At the 30th minutes, Ellabdoulaoui an Egyptian player stroke against Kameni, a Cameroon player wo caught the ball and passed it to Geremi(Cameroon player). It was very nice but Kameni was angry because there were no players against Ellabdoulaoui.

Then, two minutes before middle time Etoo (Cameroon player)stroke against Abdoui (Egypt player) but he didn’t arrive to score. In the second half, there were lots of replacements and the best was with Mohamed Zidan (Egypt player) who was the best player of this match with Etoo. During this period, there were lots of strikes by Cameroon but they never succeeded in scoring.

Egypt was strong too but less than Cameroun.
Next, at the 80th minutes we believed that no team would mark but one minute later, the ball arrived on Rigobert Song (Cameroun player). Unfortunately, he made a big mistake when under pressure from Zidan and led to the Egyptian goal. He fell with Zidan who stood up and passed the ball at Zoui(Egypt player) who ran and he scored against Kameni. Egypt won 1-0 but Cameroon was very very strong for 10th minutes but at the end of the match (92nd minutes) it’s Egypt who won .

Cameroon Players was crying whereas Egypt players were happy. It was a beautiful match but Cameroun will win in 2 years.

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