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Jack the Fatalist and his Master

A review by Archavir 3.2

mercredi 27 février 2008

Mrs Baille and Mrs Barbarin took us to the theatre to see “Jack the Fatalist and his Master”. It was adapted from the novel written by Denis Diderot in the 18th century. We had no problems to understand the story without knowing it in advance. It is about the “loves of Jack”.

The spectacle was divided in three parts by music and I found it very boring when the music pauses were too long. The stage set was bare. There were two trees painted on two boards and the sun. There was also a trolley and one bench on which the main characters used to seat and talk. The poor props were constantly used. They were characters : Jack, his master and one maid.
The actors played very well, it seemed as if they were real people and they used the space on the scene perfectly. Personally, I like the character of Jack. He is the main character in the play and he relates his past life and his loves to the maid and to his master. The characters of the play were dressed and made-up perfectly. I had the feeling that they really came from the 18th century.
Then we had a large discussion with the actors and the director. They explained to us that it took two months to adapt the text and learn their parts. The Master had a sore-throat, but we did not notice that.
It was the 5th play that I have seen, but it is the best one.

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