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Jacques the Fatalist and his Master

a critical review by Farès Makhlouf 3.2

lundi 17 mars 2008

Diderot’s masterpiece will remain in our memories thanks to its adaptation for the theatre.
This novel is like The One Thousand and One Night because it has not only one plot but several.
Despite the large number of stories, the audience doesn’t get lost but on the contrary it is possible for the audience to identify themselves with the characters.
The production was very interesting with a very simple set. I found the way they used the stage space was very good. Diderot’s novel was made easily understood thanks to the actors’ performance and their clear pronunciation.
It is a love story and an adventure story at the same time which makes it a real heroic story.
This play is very realistic. For example, we can see it through the rudeness and the caricature used when Jacques le fatalist and his master had arguments.
Anyway, their rudeness is not shocking because it is just superficial.
It is a way to give the play a natural aspect.
This novel brings a philosophical thought with various subjects and a feeling of suspense.
Jacques le fatalist and his master remains and will remain the most famous of Diderot’s novels.

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