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Gossip Girl a criticism by Gisèle 3.2

TV series 2007 in the US

mercredi 20 février 2008

« Hi Upper East siders ! » says the mysterious Gossip Girl !

I’m going to tell you about one of the best American series that will be soon broadcasted in France : « Gossip Girl ».

It was created by Stéphanie Savage and Josh Schwartz in 2007. Season 1 has only 13 episodes because of the scriptwriters’ strike.
But how could we live without this marvellous series ?

The cast is well-chosen. They have to play wealthy, good-looking young people, living in New York Upper East Side.

In the story there’s Serena (Blake Lively), the heroine, the most beautiful and perfect girl who has ever existed on earth, she’s been turned away from her boarding school (because of mysterious reasons) and when she came back to New York...

...All the people are gossiping (about her -of course !)  !

There is Dan(Penn Badgley), who has always been in love with her, and she has always ignored him -haha. There is his sister Jenny who is the « biggest of Serena’s fans ».
And finally, there is Blair (Leighton Meester) and Nate (Chace Crawford) !

Blair is the most beautiful and popular girl, but when Serena is in town, she is the « most beautiful and popular girl after Serena of course ». And she really hates that because she always want everything to be perfect (herself included) and she tries to turn Serena’s life into a kind of hell !

Not only does Blair want to be the best, but she also wants Nate...

Nate is the most beautiful perfect boy that has ever existed. From elementary school Blair and Nate have always been in love, in fact Blair has ever believed that, but Nate has always loved Serena...

And the last but not the least, Chuck Bass (Ed Westwick) « the appalling boy » even if he’s intelligent, he knows how to make the worse situation peffect(for him, because he is self-centered).

This serie has taken the USA by strom, it has an enourmous success, (even if it’s not as famous as « desperate houswives »), I’m looking forward to see it on french TV !!

« Gossip Girl » is a girl who has made her own Website about : Serena (S), Blair (B), Nate (N), Jenny and she.... gossips !!

She always finishes her messages like this :

"You know you love me,

JPEG - 22.2 ko
GossipGirl, the cast

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