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Jacques the Fatalist a review by Yohan 3.2

A play adapted from the famous novel by Diderot.

mercredi 20 février 2008

On Sunday 10th February, we went to the theatre to see an interpretation of Denis Diderot’s novel : Jacques the Fatalist

A few days before the representation, the actors came to tell us about Denis Diderot’s philosophy so that we could understand the play which is play for people who are older than us.

The actors played very well, they used the space of the stage, they articulated and they spoke clearly so that we could understand perfectly the performance.

The set was not charged at all, the costumes were adapted to the time of the story ...

The parts which were performed, could be shocking but they were played so exageratedly that we knew that it was for fun, and it was a caricature.

The play was witty and showed us very funny characters because there were a drunkard and a pervert ...

The book is made up of a lot of characters but there were just 3 actors, so the director gave several parts for each actor.
So the actors always had to change their role ...

This interpretation is very good and it’s very funny.

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