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Verdun by Gisèle 3.2

My school trip to verdun

dimanche 17 février 2008

From 7th to 8th February, our class and two others went to Verdun which is a little town in the Lorraine région.

In French history it is well-known because during World War I Verdun was the site of the Battle of Verdun in 1916.
This is why Mr Colasson, Mr Rebière and Mr Fiagara (history teachers) wanted to take us over there. ( Mr Ayivi was with us too).

The journey from Paris to Verdun lasted 4 hours, it was really tiring. When we arrived, the town looked strange to me, because it seemed empty, there were few people but there were a lot of trees ! Then we had lunch at the “Office of Tourism”.

We had a guided tour ; first, we went to a special museum in which there are holograms talking about the defense of the citadel and the town, it were really interesting because you could see the reality of war.

Then we could see the enormous cemetery, more than 15 000 souls are sleeping there... and the Muslim square was made especially for the Muslim soldiers that gave their life to France.

Then we went to the Fort Douaumont.

At 18h, we had free time, and I have an anecdote to tell : while we were walking, I heard Kim screaming “Gisèèèèèèèèle” so I immediately went to see what was going on, there was a shop named “Gisele”...

On Friday, we went to the Fort Vaux, first, it was a French fort but the German took it, and after a long fight, it was recaptured by the French. It was really wet inside. We could saw where the soldiers were sleeping, eating, washing themselves...

Then, we went to a museum in which we could see old planes, old weapons, and old nursery things ! And we watched a very interesting film in which we could listen to poems, it was really beautiful !

On the way back to the car, we walked across a square that was a village before the war. But it was all destroyed by shells.

I enjoyed it if I was not tired, even if it was really interesting ! Because we could realize where, when and how the soldiers fought for France.

Gisèle C. 3ème2

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