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EADS - Visit of our class (3.2)

by Fouad

jeudi 31 janvier 2008

This article is about the visit of our class to EADS. We have learnt many things during our visit.

EADS is a very big company which builds parts of the space shuttle Ariane 5.
It builds helicopters, rockets and planes for the army too.
Its competitors in the United States are :
-the International Launch Services(ILS) : proton launcher
-Lockheed Corporation : Atlas launcher
-Boeing : Sea launch and Delta launchers.
There are 300000 people who work for EADS in the world.
The launching base of Ariane 5 is in Kourou in French Guyana.
There are launchers in :
-Brasil : VSV-30 launcher (since 24th october 2004)
-China : Longue marche launcher
-Japan : H-IIA launcher.


First, we took the coach to go to EADS in Les Mureaux. A man gave us badges in order to get into the meeting building.
Next, a man explained us how Ariane 5 was working in space. He told us that in Ariane 5 scientific experiments were led.
Then, we went to the top of another building in order to see the different parts of Ariane 5 which were built by EADS.
We saw the main launcher of Ariane which contained liquid azote. We saw the “rings” of Ariane. They are parts which prevent Ariane from falling.
We were on a small glass footbridge, I was a little bit scared .
I liked this visit because it was very interesting to see Ariane 5 and we were privileged compared to others.

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