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by Hugo

jeudi 31 janvier 2008

Hello ! I’d like to tell you about my favourite country : Brazil.
I have been to Brazil once and it was an extraodinary trip because I visited a lot of monuments and Brazil is very beautiful.

Brazil is the largest country in latine America.

The area of Brazil is 9 000 000 of square kilometers.
There are one hundred and seventy five million inhabitants in Brazil.
So, Brasil is the fifth country in the world.

The official languages is the portuguese.

The capital is BRASILIA but the largest town is SAO PAULO.

The adjacent countries are Argentina, Columbia, Perou, Bolivia, Venezuela, Paraguay, Uruguay and Guyanna.

The money of Brazil is the REAL.

The origin of the word “Brazil” after the name of a tree growing there.

Brazil’s president is Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva . His nickname is LULA..
The president is elected for rour years and he can be reelected once.

In Brazil there are five big regions : Center west, north west, north, south east and south.

In Brazil , the climate is temperate without extremes of temperature.

The life expectancy of women in Brazil is sixty seven years old.
The life expectancy of men in Brazil is seventy five years old

The main religion is catholic ( seventy five % )
And there are sixteen % protestants.

In Brazil there are eight million Libanese people and it’s very very important

But Brazil is very wellknown for its sports results because Brazilian football is world famous..
His best footballer is PELE but the golden ball was won by KAKA
Brazil are invented a sport : the capoera, between dance and judo

In Brazil there are a lot of monuments representing Jesus or God because the Brazilians are very religious.

In Brazil, there is a famous place, the MARACANA, a football stadium which can take one hundred and twenty thousand people it’s the biggest stadium in the world.

The Brazilian flag is green for the vegetation of Brazil.
In the middle there are a yellow diamond for the mineral in the earth.
In the diamond there are a blue circle for the sky.
There are twenty seven stars in the middle.
And “ordem e progresso” is a motto written on it. In English this means “order and progress.”

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