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A book review by Julie G.

Les Vampires de Manhattan

jeudi 10 janvier 2008 (Date de rédaction antérieure : 17 janvier 2008).

Je vais vous parler dans un article en anglais du meilleur livre que j’ai lu !

Title : Les Vampires de Manhattan, « Blue Blood » in English, by Melissa de la Cruz

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I am going to tell you about the best book that I’ve read : Les Vampires de Manhattan !
It is the story of a young girl : Theodora, his best friend is Oliver. They both attend Duchesne private school ( in New York ) and do not get on well with the other pupils who are snobish.
Then, one day in the evening, Aggie a youn girl of the school is found dead next to a nightclub.
That night some of the students had been invited for the evening. That very evening, they had realized that they were vampires. It’s for that reason that they had lost consciousness, memory and they could no longer die.
Immediately, Theodora and some of the snobish pupils became friends because now they belong to the same race.
However, one day Theodora was attacked by a strange animal, she was examined and understood that it was an animal which killed vampires. So, with her friends she managed to stop this animal and Theodora continued to be a vampire like the others.

I like this book because the plot is exciting and there is much suspense. It is also very easy to read.

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